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See how ARbelts can take your styles to the next level.


Introducing ARbelts

Reversible and Interchangeable Belts. You can now get buckles and straps separately at your own discretion for unlimited styles.

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Celebrate With ARbelts

All reversible leather straps are now $10 OFF!

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The ARbuckles

Add (ARbelts) our Buckle Collections to your daily choice. More buckles, more styles.

The ARstraps

The reversible leather straps offers multiple selections into your wardrobe. With great details makes great styles.

Quilted Details with
Unique Versatility

The 2019 Men Fashion Trends

Made in Taiwan

The ARconnector is well designed and easy to use, holding the strap and buckle between the two like a bridge. The ARconnector adapts to all 35mm belt sizes. Made with PA6, one of the toughest plastic material in the industry, it is ultra-light in design, giving you the unique ability to go through security checkpoints without ever having to take off your belt.

ARconnector comes standard with all straps and buckles.