Typical Problems From “Other” Belt Brands

When it’s time to hit the town, sporting your very best attire and new apparel, your belt is a defining part of the outfit. It makes or breaks the look, whether we want to admit it or not. Wearing the same old belt, every single time, gets boring, devaluing the time you put into your individual style. We all know this struggle. That’s why reversible belts are more enticing: they give you choices.

Unfortunately, reversible belts are far and few between, especially when you have those that need you to unhook the adapter from the strap to change your buckles. Those reversibles will mess up your leather straps, wearing down over time.


In order to look interesting every time you step out of the house, it’s necessary to own multiple belts at once. However, it’s definitely costly.

A reversible leather belt with interchangeable designer buckles. Your styles will never be limited ever again. More choices, more styles. Your belt will always stand out from the crowd, no matter where you go!


the Revolutionary Reversible and Interchangeable Belts

It’s always frustrating for men to find a perfect belt, sifting through the thousands of options on the market today. We wanted to create a better solution, known as the ultimate belt, that can fulfill men’s needs to change their belt color/texture and buckle instantly without buying similar belts over and over again. We knew we were onto something. At that point, we started to break down every single element of what a belt consists of and how to improve upon the design.

When Co-Founder Andy got a bracelet made out of different straps that could be put together in different colors one day, it piqued his interest. He instantaneously saw something bigger in this mechanism. The basic concept for ARconnectors was born. We have adjusted the mechanism and made significant improvements by designing the unique buckle clips and custom made connector.

Another great feature about ARconnector is that it’s made of plastic, complementary to the  men who travel as much as we do. We all know the same problem: remove your belts when passing through security checkpoints. Then, we decided to use PA6 plastic for the ARconnector. After rounds of prototype and testing, we had arrived at a plastic solution that can stand the test of travel.


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